size & fit

None of us are average... so please take a few moments to measure yourself properly.

Use you measurements to work out which size will be most comfortable

and will best flatter your body shape..



how to measure yourself

(If you don’t have a tape measure, use a piece of string and then work it out against a measuring tape or a ruler.)



The tape should go around the fullest part of the chest or bust (ensure you are wearing the bra when you measure - choose a bra that you would probably be wearing if you were to wear the garment you are considering buying) and ensure the tape is level around your back. Resist pulling the tape measure so that it is ‘tight’, it should be a comfortable circle around you, but should not actually dig into your body. Sometimes our measurements are for half bust - so you simply halve your full bust measurement.



The tape should go around your tummy at its slimmest part - typically around + or - 5cm above the navel. Don’t pull the tape measure tight and consider whether your tummy expands eg. after eating ...this might be relevant for the garment you are considering buying. Loungewear and pyjamas for example should be comfortable, not closely fitted.



This measurement is actually your widest dimension on or around the hip, which might end up being your thigh area depending on how you are built, for eg if your thigh or bottom region is larger than your hip. The tape should go around the largest part of the hips AND THEN also be able to slip down over the thighs. If it doesn’t, your hip measurement might actually be better recorded as the widest part of your thigh; make sure you are standing straight but relaxed.


Once you have these measurements, choose a size that will best fit you by referring to the size guide in the description of each garment on this site. If you have any questions, drop us an email: and we'll be happy to help.



Other Measurements -

Inside leg - This is measured from crotch to hem in pants.

Rise - This is measured from the crotch to the waist in pants.