about us

a matter of ethics

Foundling is 100% owned & operated by two sisters who feel strongly that what we produce must be mindful.

Our clothing range is expertly made by a Sedex accredited, government regulated business in India - that means that the people who make your clothes are not being taken advantage of, they are receiving the minimum award or above & that they are entitled to workplace conditions

which most of us just take for granted.

We make the time to visit our team - a large, family run business in Delhi because it matters. Each year, their facility is audited to maintain its Sedex accreditation & its important for us to know that the team enjoys a sheltered rooftop terrace for breaks, a creche for mothers who might need daycare & a clean,
safe professional workplace to pursue their own dreams. Thanks to all of our foundling folk for supporting our goal of transparent, ethical slow fashion.

When you choose foundling - you’re supporting the ethical fashion movement’s mandate to end sweatshop labour! At a grassroots level - you’re helping the people and their families who work for our suppliers. We also believe in giving back...whilst we’re only a small business, to date we’ve managed to sponsor four different children from developing countries...
money towards a better education, helping their community achieve self sufficiency or sometimes just a healthy meal & clean drinking water.

More recently, we’ve teamed up with an organisation - Palna- helping to find forever homes for the abandoned children of old Delhi... and when you choose to support us, you are also helping us make a difference. If you’re curious to find our more about Pana or make an individual donation, please visit Palna’s Facebook site or visit Palna’s website. More recently Give India Org has launched a fundraising platform with 100% of proceeds going towards Palna as they struggle to find the all important funding whilst India battles the pandemic.

quality matters

Quality really counts...its about making things properly and timelessly in a world where most everything has become disposable...So to make sure our range will be beautiful for years to come, we pay attention to the finer details ..the fabrics we choose, the way they should fit, right down to the way we stitch your seams so they sit nicely. Turn them inside out and compare the workmanship, we think if something’s worth making, its worth making properly. We design our range from start to finish.

No fabrics chosen from wholesale bolts or third party suppliers..our fabric designs are first illustrated by us here in Byron then sent to our team in India. then we set about getting the fabrics, cut and colours just right. Of course, the best laid plans aren’t always perfect, so if something goes wrong, we’re here to help.

contact us

We love to hear from you & we’re here to help with sizing or any questions you may have about our product range. If you want to get in touch, the fastest way is to email us.