our indian odyssey

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what did we expect

it was with a mixture of trepidation & anticipation that we first ventured to India, a place that at once intrigued and unnerved us both.  when i say unnerved, i guess we grew up absorbing news grabs and photos of india, some that understandably coloured our perspective and made us anxious, in short, we were worried that we couldn't manage the expectation of hardship and privation that we had been conditioned to associate with india. 

however we knew from the outset that we wanted our range to be fairly made in a place with an unrivalled long and rich history of textiles & tailors, somewhere that celebrated colour and design, and so our adventures began (and continue to this date).


india chose us

for those of you who haven't yet visited india, we can't assume that you will love it, we can only recount our own experiences, two women arriving at midnight in delhi completely unprepared. In fact, despite having travelled the world over neither of us had ever felt that gravitational pull towards visiting india before this or shortlisted India at the top of our travel bucket list.


everything & more

what we were to discover was a far-cry from our expectations and became the start of what I'm certain will be a life long love affair with this country.  I've since seen it plenty of times both on tv documentaries and more recently, on social media - India gets into your blood and becomes a fascination that might never end. its a place that gives you seemingly everything and then.. just when you think you've seen everything, it gives you a little more.

come along for the ride

we've started this blog for those foundling folk who are interested in where and how our collections are made.  a great deal of time, love and energy goes into each our our garments and so we feel their story deserves to be told.  and we know that lots of you share our love for and curiosity about india, so maybe its on your travel radar too.

nothing can really prepare you for india, the colours, the people, the traditions and the food but each week (or fortnight depending on finding time) we'll be blogging on different subjects that might inspire you, places we've visited or stayed, unforgettable restaurants, local craft workshops, shopping districts, flea markets, bazaars and textile treasures, so we'd love you to check in and more than anything, contact us if you have any questions or topics you'd like to read more about. all of the photos that we will feature on the blog will be our own travel photos or photos of our products. 

we're not professional photographers by any means, in fact they are mostly taken with our phones, but they are a genuine record of our journeys rather than a stock library compilation. The reason i mention this is because india is such an incredible journey that you could literally stand in one spot and turn 360 degrees with your camera & find yourself having captured at least one amazing can't avoid them.

Next time, we'll be blogging about one of our favourite cities in India..we hope to see you back here soon

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