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about us

busy bees

What are we up to? We're busy bees.. did you know we design our range from start to finish? No fabrics chosen from wholesale bolts or third party suppliers here..each fabric design is first illustrated by us then sent to our team in India, then its to and fro getting the colours just right..the tailoring just so & giving us the puurrrffffect excuse to visit India so if we're not in the office..that's where you might find us. Take a look and follow us on instagram ';@_foundling'; or facebook: 'Foundling'.

well done you

When you choose foundling - you’re supporting the ethical fashion movement’s mandate to end sweatshop labour! At a grassroots level - you’re helping the people and their families who work for our suppliers. We also believe in giving back...whilst we’re only a small business, to date we’ve managed to sponsor four different children from developing towards a better education, helping their community achieve self sufficiency or sometimes just a healthy meal & clean drinking water. More recently, we've teamed up with an organisation helping to find forever homes for the abandoned children of old Delhi. so well done you for helping us make a change.

quality counts

Quality really counts...its about making things properly in a world where most everything has become disposable...So to make sure our range will be beautiful for years to come, we pay attention to the finer details ..the fabrics we choose, the way they should fit, right down to the way we stitch your seams so they sit nicely. We hand pick the leathers for quality & we proudly stand by the materials & methods we employ to make your jewels. Of course, the best laid plans aren’t always perfect, so if something goes wrong, we’re here to help.

contact us

We love to hear from you & we’re here to help with sizing or any questions you may have about our product range.

If you want to get in touch, the fastest way is to email us or to call 02 66854053 Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm EST. 

a matter of ethics

For something to be truly beautiful, it has to be beautiful inside & we set about finding a team of ethical manufacturing partners around the globe. With children & families of our own...ethical production was the only way to go! Our clothing range is made by a sedex accredited, government regulated business in India - an assurance that people are not being taken advantage of & that they are entitled to the working conditions which most of us just take for granted. We make the time to visit our team - a large, family run business in Delhi because it matters. Each year, their facility is audited to maintain its accreditation & its nice to know that the team enjoys, a sheltered rooftop terrace for breaks & a clean, safe professional place to pursue their own dreams. Our jewels are created via our fair trade team in the Philippines - a rural workshop in a remote village, created by a Filipino woman and her partner an Australian jeweller. We also source jewellery from a pair of brothers who operate their business out Udaipur & share our love for the authentic tribal jewellery designs of rural India. Our leather workshop is also a case of brotherly love, three brothers following their father into his leather business with one brother branching out to pursue his own passion...leather bags. Happily he works with our designs - creating beautifully crafted leathergoods - exclusively for Foundling.

sister act

Two big idea - creating a range of unique & beautifully made things in an ethical way. With careers in marketing & design paving the way,  we sat down, we researched, we planned, we talked & after endless coffees..we did it -  one fine day in 2013 our little indie folk label ’Foundling’ was born. Growing up in the Byron area..a love of floaty fabrics and classic hippie pieces paired with a penchant for the perfect were the driving forces behind the brand..producing them ethically was a must ..And so our big adventure began…