on a weekend visit to Bombay, a friend apologised that we would have to spend some time rummaging around the Chor Bazaar, i could barely contain myself. described as one of India's largest flea markets, i had already earmarked it as a 'must do' in Bombay, so his suggestion was pure serendipity. 


also known as the thieves market (historically they say stolen goods eventually ended up there), the market was a treasure trove of antique & second hand items.  streets are organised loosely by what they sell but the jumble sale feel continues throughout the labyrinth of streets, and almost every shop seemed to come complete with its own goat?. our friend was seeking a very specific maritime antique, for which he was spoilt for choice amongst the many vendors who specialise in one type of antique or another, many of which are old Bollywood and Hollywood film props.


with most vendors living above their shops, the market is also a thriving community set within the historic muslim quarter of bombay.  if you love religious paraphernalia, you will find a whole laneway virtually dedicated to antique artefacts hailing from the many religions that are represented throughout India.if you happen to find yourself in bombay, and you're a market aficionado, take the journey to what is surely of the world's most eclectic markets, the Chor Bazaar.