Synonymous with India, block printing is an age-old craft that still sustains a vital industry within India.  Each block is carved by skilled artisans then applied by hand in layers and colours to achieve the desired design.  The blocks will ultimately perish and have to be replaced, however the intricately carved wooden blocks remain artworks in themselves and enduring reminders of the fabrics they created.

Traditionally, block printing regions within India had their own particular aesthetic, including designs, and colour schemes. It seems the commercialisation of the craft has led to a convergence in design elements between the various regions.

Foundling's summer 2013/2014 range features border print fabrics custom designed with iconic Indian patterns - perfectly suited to our tribute to vintage indian hippy dresses (aka the 'festival dress') in floaty soft swiss cotton voile with delicate gold accents.  The foundling signature fabrics have been hand table printed in Jaipur, the city most synonymous with traditional Indian printing techniques.

When researching the iconic indian hippy dress, we based our fabric design on vintage indian fabrics hand picked in the delhi fabric markets, selecting a traditional palette of deepest indian navy & plum with metallic gold accents inspired by glimmering saris - then introduced a lighter colourway in antique white with hints of gold and silver grey.