Friday 24th April marked the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse - a completely avoidable tragedy which claimed the lives of more than 1,000 innocent garment factory workers in Bangladesh and highlighted how the rights and labour conditions of developing countries were being exploited by the fast fashion industry.  The fashion revolution aims to make brands and labels accountable for their supply channels, creating transparency for consumers who are often unaware of how and by whom their clothes and fashion accessories are made. As a consumer, you have the right to know, and the right to ask questions because without demand, fast fashion labels will continue to utilise sweat shop (often underaged) labour forced to work in inhumane conditions, for negligible wages.  As an ethical fashion label, our suppliers are hand picked, inspected first by us (personally) and appointed as partners subject to their work practices.  Its not about excluding countries like Bangladesh or India from the supply chain, in fact India has a long, rich tradition in the textile industry and a wealth of knowledge and skill in garment production.  Our garments are 100% made by a Sedex Accredited, government regulated garment manufacturer which gainfully employs fairly paid, highly skilled workers who enjoy clean, safe professional work environment and conditions. This is Shashi, and most every garment we make, at some stage, passes through her capable hands. Ethical fashion costs a little more, but we think fair's fair.  If you ever want to know more about how any of our range is made, we are completely open and transparent about our supply channels - so feel free to email and together, with your support, brands like foundling can help effect change in the world.