inspired by the beautiful artwork, embroidery and fabric prints of japan, we also love that their culture both respects and embraces imperfection.  Derived from Buddhist teachings, the term 'wabi sabi' refers to the Japanese ideal of there being inherent beauty in asymmetry or imperfection, beauty that can be born of age, exposure to the elements or even physical repairs to an object.  One form of repairing objects which underpins this belief is the art of Kintsugi whereby rather than disguising the faults or cracks in everyday items such as crockery, the Japanese embrace them as part of, and even adding to an objects beauty and history.  Broken crockery or earthenware is delicately and lovingly restored with pure gold or sterling silver so as to accentuate these fault lines which show the object's history and accentuate its beautiful imperfection.  Meanwhile, we're busy growing our Japanese inspired collection so keep an eye out for our new shibori inspired print and fresh new colourways in our iconic sashiko embroidered smocks - all of which will start landing in September and October.