Given we sleep for one third of our lives, pj pyjama pants are definitely a wardrobe essential, so we thought it was time foundling got to the bottom of how they evolved and what exactly constitutes the perfect, dream-worthy pj pyjama pant? Our research revealed that this wardrobe essential was adopted by the West from India (the word pyjama or pajama is actually a Hindi word, derived from the Persian word paejamah or paijama - the hindi translation being "leg clothing"). 

The Portuguese were early adopters with history showing that they were happily donning loose cotton pants as sleepwear as early as 1610, an especially popular fashion on the Indian island of Goa, which was then part of the Portuguese empire. In the 1700s and with growing trade ties to India, the English observed the pj pyjama pant (worn by the Indians as cool loose fitting pants) and adopted the idea for those rare hot summer days and the trend slowly spread to other parts of Europe.  

By the 1920s - the fashion hit the United States. With a different climate altogether, Americans adapted the pj or 'pajama' as it is spelt in the U.S with modifications and fabric choices to better suit their climate.  But it was still largely men who took to the pj pyjama pant, the ladies presumably expected to wear something more feminine. By around 1924, the western world was so sold on the idea that American fashion mags were reporting high society men AND women wearing pj pyjama pants at the beach, a report which triggered the working class to copy the trend and before long, pj pyjama pants were positively de rigueur.

With the pj pant being such a globally accepted wardrobe essential, our team went about perfecting them, finding the softest, lightweight voile for summer and a cosy cotton sateen to keep snug in winter.  Pockets are a must, so we designed a deep slouchy pocket and to avoid the nasty elastic twist, we incorporated a three channel waistband with a 100% cotton herringbone drawstring to get the fit just right.  Don't you hate those pj pant legs that are too wide & too long .. well we did too - so we tapered the ankle to be flattering and practical (our mantra for all of foundling's wardrobe essentials) with a gentle loose elastic cuff at the back that never pinches.

We despaired of harry high waters pj pants with saggy baggy crotches, so our design team tackled that universal problem as well, with foundling pj pants sitting casually on the hip to look and feel better than all of the old prototype pj pants. And given we spend a third of our life in bed, we insisted they look as good as they feel.  Check out foundling's range of uber soft cotton voile ikat pj pants in a range of dreamy sorbet pastel ikat colours...too chic to hide in the bedroom, our customers have taken to wearing them just about everywhere - including the bedroom.  Hand printed in Jaipur, we returned to the pj pyjama pants historical home to make sure we delivered our customers with the perfect, iconic summer pj pant.