The messenger bag originated in the 1950s as a bag for telephone linemen, originally designed by Globe Canvas/De Martini in New York as a bag workers could easily access while climbing telephone poles.  New York bicycle messenger companies picked them up sometime in the 1970s, and were initially  purchased in a specific colour per company to help with identification. For a long while, NYC was the bastion of the messenger bag - until things started to spread in the 1980s. 

In keeping with the classic design, foundling messenger bags have a cross-body shoulder strap (for optimal distribution of weight) which allows you to carry all life's baggage (wallets, keys, water, ipads etc) in a practical, ergonomic design.  For such a timeless bag, its only fitting that we selected the finest premium leathers, a classic webbing adjustable strap and a handy lock, which makes our messenger just about the perfect travel companion.