From the mountainous regions of Northern Thailand, Vietnam, China and Laos, the Hmong hill tribes are famous for their intricately embroidered textiles which they utilise in both everyday and ceremonial garments.  Colourful and heavily embellished, the textiles are highly valued for the detailed workmanship and are traded by the Hmong communities to generate funds which are injected back into their communities.

Our Hmong homewares range showcases vintage fabrics, both embroidered and batik, all of which have all been negotiated with our fair trade partners in Northern Thailand who work with the Hmong women's cooperative.

To complement the embroidery or batik, the Hmong will typically mix unexpected fabrics and adornments, all of which has contributed to their lesser known name 'the flower people'. To us, the inherent beauty of the vintage fabrics is their imperfections of faded hues or timeworn patches.